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General statistics
Accounts 1238
Characters 1561
In game 84
Played today 14
Total OffTraders 20
New accounts per day 1
Fortress Information
Fortress condition Captured (Defeat)
Attack time 21:30 Tuesday, Friday
If the fortress is not protected, then all NPCs will be removed from Crywolf. The urban peace zone will turn into a combat zone, the chance of a Jewel of Guardian falling in Land of Trial will drop.
Castle Information
Castle owner Capture
Capture time Truce period
Siege registration Sunday: 00:00
Continuation of registration Monday - Tuesday: 23:59
Sign of Lord surrender Tuesday: 00:00 - Wednesday: 00:00
Completion of Sign of Lord Thursday: 00:00
Member Announcement Friday: 12:00
Cooking castle Saturday: 19:00
Castle siege Sunday: from 21:00 to 22:00
Registered Guilds
# Sign Guild Master Stamps Members Refused
1 Capture APOSTOL 318 11 No