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Donation rules
* You help the server as much as the server can help you.
* You agree that you will not dispute, demand a partial or full refund.
* If you DO NOT agree with the above, please leave this page immediately.
Payment method
Курс пополнения 1$ = 100 wCoins(Без учета скидки)
За игровую валюту wCoins - Вы можете приобрести вещи в кузнице под горящей клавишей "F5" либо воспользоваться wCoin Shop в локации Lorencia.
The UnitPay service provides the opportunity to transfer funds around the world using Visa/MasterCard and other bank cards. W Coins are usually credited within 1 minute, in rare cases longer.


In case of questions related to payment, contact those. the support.
Email [email protected]