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September 9, 2022, 8:14 pm
Арену ...
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September 9, 2022, 8:04 pm
REPLY From Prometej
September 9, 2022, 8:04 pm
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TOPIC By Neylar
June 21, 2022, 6:39 pm
Добрый день, ...
REPLY From Neylar
June 19, 2022, 5:20 pm
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UPDATE #00.00.80

Dear friends,

Today we announce new updates/fixes.

  • Uploaded new version of Client v8 (fresh links updated).
  • Added 38 new Pets.
  • Added 17 new Wings.
  • Added 2 new locations - Global Arena & TvT Event.
  • Fixed some issues in Game Client.
  • Fixed some game commands.
  • Added Lucky Of Wheel in the Custom game panel.
  • Removed Hot button "F".
  • Removed the possibility of changing the game interface.
  • Added spots in the Global Arena map.
  • Fixed some issues with game messages.
  • Fixed item characteristics server-client.
  • Added all Event Timers in the Custom game panel.
  • Fixed some Anti-Hack issues with skills.
  • Added new Effects in the game.

© Server Administration.

2022-09-26 22:57

UPDATE #00.00.70

Dear friends,

Today we announce new updates/fixes.

  • Uploaded new version of Client v7.
  • Added new locations with spots : "Debenter","Alkmaar","Ubaid","Abyss Atlans","Uruk Mountion","Ferea","Nixie Lake","Acheron","Scotch Canyon","Nars","Swamp Of Darkness","Deep Dungeon","Kubera Mine", "Labyrinth".
  • Added new Invasion Of Bosses: Invasion of Medusa, Invasion of invoking Demons, Invasion of eggs Event, Lord Silvester, Core Magriffy, Ferea Crystal Orb, Crystal Stone, God of Water, Invasion of Erohim, Invasion of Kundum.
  • Added Custom Flag system in the custom game panel.
  • Added a new mini-map system (supported all maps).
  • Fixed some issues with commands.
  • Fixed issues with excellent & critical damage rate.
  • Fixed the press END key with chat opened.
  • Enable DarkHorse Backspring when getting the crown option.
  • Fixed Harmony + Socket options.
  • Added Castle Siege real-time ranking.
  • Fixed Blood Castle Angel & Gate positions.

© Server Administration.

2022-09-24 21:11

UPDATE #00.00.60

Dear friends,

Today we announce new updates/fixes.

  • Updated AntiCheat system.
  • Fixed Resolution change in Launcher.
  • Added Registration & Auto-login in Game Client.
  • New Event Timer in-game.
  • Custom Guild Buff.
  • Fixed skills Lesser Damage & Defense.
  • Added new Party Master Experience.
  • Fix Castle siege after clicking switch can't move.
  • Fixed Marry trace.
  • Fixed Monster Power in all maps.
  • All drops from Kundums don't drop in the Gremory case now.
  • Rewards from BC/DS/CC were added to the Gremory case.
  • Fixed some descriptions and stats on all items.
  • Added XTREMETOP100 Vote-Reward.
  • Added experience rate in exp line.
  • Fix total points in the skill tree, over 255.
  • Fixed Life Stone drop.
  • Fix the Castle siege icon change when getting the crown.
  • Fix item info close client in widescreen.
  • Reconfigured drop items.

© Server Administration.

2022-09-17 21:46

UPDATE #00.00.50

Доброго времени суток друзья!

Немного об изменениях

  • Обновлена античит система.
  • В игру добавлено колесо фортуны, открыть его можно через Options -> Lucky Wheel.
  • Исправлен Infinity Arrow, теперь стрелы не расходуются.
  • Полностью отключен дроп Items / Zen / Jewels в Blood Castle & Devil Square.
  • Добавлено кастомное отображение баффов как в пати так и  для персонажей.
  • Исправлено отображение моделей персонажей / вещей.
  • Исправлено вторжение боссов в игру.
  • Обновлена локация Lorencia, откорректированы NPC.
  • Добавлено Reset & Pk Clear NPC в лоренцию.
  • Внесены исправления в Master Skill Tree.
  • Добавлены кнопки Reset & Master Reset в игру.
  • Отключена защита от передачи Full / Ancient / Socket вещей.
  • Так же множество исправлений которые не вошли в этот список.

© с Уважением Администрация сервера


2022-02-19 23:12

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