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Dear friends,

Today we announce new updates/fixes.

  • Updated AntiCheat system.
  • Fixed Resolution change in Launcher.
  • Added Registration & Auto-login in Game Client.
  • New Event Timer in-game.
  • Custom Guild Buff.
  • Fixed skills Lesser Damage & Defense.
  • Added new Party Master Experience.
  • Fix Castle siege after clicking switch can't move.
  • Fixed Marry trace.
  • Fixed Monster Power in all maps.
  • All drops from Kundums don't drop in the Gremory case now.
  • Rewards from BC/DS/CC were added to the Gremory case.
  • Fixed some descriptions and stats on all items.
  • Added XTREMETOP100 Vote-Reward.
  • Added experience rate in exp line.
  • Fix total points in the skill tree, over 255.
  • Fixed Life Stone drop.
  • Fix the Castle siege icon change when getting the crown.
  • Fix item info close client in widescreen.
  • Reconfigured drop items.

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